Plug Plurk to Your Blog

I wrote a article in my Chinese blog, and the discussion in original blogspot system is little, but the responses in Plurk are richer. So I decide to write a "Adaptor" to plug the responses into my blog.

It is called "Plurk 2" meaning "Plug your Plurk into your Blog", now the URL is http://login.tw/plurk
(Now change to http://plurk.tw/)

It is easy to use, following illustrated:

1. Write a plurk in plurk.

2. go to your plurk page and get URL.

3. go to http://login.tw/plurk to entry the URL. (now Change to http://plurk.tw/)

4. You will get Javascript code

5. Insert this code into your code in HTML mode

Sorry, I make screen snap shot in Chinese user interface, but I think it will be ok.

Ok, you can see the actual practice as following, and please follow in English~~

------- Following is From Plurk -------

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