Plurk 2 (plurk.tw) Established

At first, Plurk Plug is a sub-project of login.tw, but it change to an independent project now, that is "Plurk2/Plurk.tw"..

2 days ago, there is only one style to plug into your blog, now it has 3 style now, one is "Clean Style", another is fancy "Hana Style" (Design by Hana), and the 3rd one is AJAX called "PH2 Style".

As last article mention that this system is made for extension your blog, especial for integrated responses, but some users in Taiwan make this plug-in as main article, even using many thread combined into one article.

And a blog using this system to discussion and brain storming, I am amazing that the "tool" maybe made by designer for some way to use, but the users are not limited by origin design.

I am pity that most of the usage are in Chinese, and the Javascipt can not be interpret.

Anyway, last article was illustrated first "clean style", so these are another two styles:

Hana Style:

PH2 Style:

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