Plurk Usage Geek / Plurk Users Group Start

This is a system make plurk searchable / googleable.

It is well known that plurk is not friendly or feasible to search engine, but most of times we need to search the discussion in our own plurks, so I decide to make this site to make plurk search easier.

There are 2 most important features in this system:

1. Make username to separate domain name.
2. Create index to make read / search fast.

I made a demo using my plurk to demonstrate. At first, this is created by user request, you can edit your profile to make link "plurk.tw/inter/(yourusername)" like mine, you can see my profile to figure out, and wait for one day, you can see your PUG make your plurk searchable.

After that, you can using "site:(username).pug.tw" in query string to search everything you want.

Is there any comment, please reply this following plurk.