Plurk2 Greasemonkey Script

If you use Firefox and Greasemonkey, this is a easy way to use Plurk2.

Before this script, you must open-up a page or copy paste link to plurk2 input area, but after this script, you can see the "Plurk2" link in your plurk, that you can get plug-in source code on the fly.

I wrote this script just referring the script called "PlurkMarkThis", thanks Chris Prakoso for his script.

The script is in "http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/43093", I hope this will be a helpful script in using plurk2.

I think this is an easy script, hope there is no bug in it, but if any, please feel fleely to make comment or plurk via plurk2.

Wordpress Plug-in for Plurk2

This wordpress plug-in is not created by "official group" (If this is exist), It was created by Johnson Wang, his blog is "隨裕而安", he wrote this plug-in for himself.

You can take a look of his blog and introducing article in "Plurk2 Plugin for Wordpress (Plurk Plug)". This is a great job for all wordpress users.

As description for basic information:

Name: Plurk2 Plugin for Wordpress
Version: 0.1 (2009/02/20)
Compatible: Wordpress 2.7.1 or higher
Download: plurk2.zip

There is fully Illustration in his blog, so thank for Johnson Wang and his great work.


Plurk 2 (plurk.tw) Established

At first, Plurk Plug is a sub-project of login.tw, but it change to an independent project now, that is "Plurk2/Plurk.tw"..

2 days ago, there is only one style to plug into your blog, now it has 3 style now, one is "Clean Style", another is fancy "Hana Style" (Design by Hana), and the 3rd one is AJAX called "PH2 Style".

As last article mention that this system is made for extension your blog, especial for integrated responses, but some users in Taiwan make this plug-in as main article, even using many thread combined into one article.

And a blog using this system to discussion and brain storming, I am amazing that the "tool" maybe made by designer for some way to use, but the users are not limited by origin design.

I am pity that most of the usage are in Chinese, and the Javascipt can not be interpret.

Anyway, last article was illustrated first "clean style", so these are another two styles:

Hana Style:

PH2 Style:


Plug Plurk to Your Blog

I wrote a article in my Chinese blog, and the discussion in original blogspot system is little, but the responses in Plurk are richer. So I decide to write a "Adaptor" to plug the responses into my blog.

It is called "Plurk 2" meaning "Plug your Plurk into your Blog", now the URL is http://login.tw/plurk
(Now change to http://plurk.tw/)

It is easy to use, following illustrated:

1. Write a plurk in plurk.

2. go to your plurk page and get URL.

3. go to http://login.tw/plurk to entry the URL. (now Change to http://plurk.tw/)

4. You will get Javascript code

5. Insert this code into your code in HTML mode

Sorry, I make screen snap shot in Chinese user interface, but I think it will be ok.

Ok, you can see the actual practice as following, and please follow in English~~

------- Following is From Plurk -------