Plans for Login Card (A Friend Connect Gadgets Project)

There are a lots of plan to write gadgets for Friend Connect, in fact, I have written dozens of gadgets for blogger in Chinese, it called "Blog Look".

The plans for new gadgets is focus on Friend Connect, it has some goals:

1. OpenSocial: It must be using OpenSocial API.
2. Useful: It must be useful gadget.
3. Fun: It can add some fun stuff, or game concept.
4. Statics: It record the usage of user, and analytics the behavior.
5. History: User can see the history of the gadget.

Now, we (me and friends) plans 2 system for the gadgets:

1. Auto Recording History: it will record the member usage in this web/blog.
=> You can see who is the #100, #300, #1000 user reading this site today or history.
=> You can see who is the most loyalty reader coming here last for how many days...
=> and so on...

2. Message System: Like old time BBS, there are a note for next user.
=> You can message to next user
=> Member can message to particular user or Owner
=> Owner can mail mailling list to all users
=> and so on...

In fact, there are many ideal can be work out, but I know I still have hundreds gadgets to write in to do list...

Last night, I write a article in Chinese to tell experience of this project so far and more detail about this project, you can use translate program to read "Friend Connect Custom Gadget 經驗?", or wait for me to write more articles here in my bad English.

At last, I thank for Adobe Master mention me in article.

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