Login Card: Your Login tw Internet World (A Real Opensocial Gadget)

This project was started from last Thursday, and I took 4 days to determine the name of the project, It called "Login Card: Your Login tw Internet World", using the "login.tw" domain.

In spite of "Login.tw" is a project call "勇者登入卡: 你的網路第一人生", means "Brave Login Card: Your First Network Life", because this is a real life game using user's network usage profile, but the project was halt cause all of co-worker are busy including me.

It was a project for Yahoo Open Hack Day at first, but it wasn't won because it was not done in that day, but we hope this project can be go further.

After Google announce the "Friend Connect", I feel it will be a new start of "login.tw", so I took 3 days to thinking "How to write a real Friend Connect/OpenSocial Gadget"...

And you can check about last 2 post about what are these gadgets for, and I thank "Epeus" that he is using our gadget already even we are not ready, but after the link problem solved and avoid error for Internet Explorer, I think the first 3 gadget can be announce launch, and we must start to work on official site and what we really want to do. These 3 gadgets are just a test, not a real work even it will work now.

I wonder is there any one can write an illustration "how to using these gadgets" for me?

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