Yours MyMiniCity -- Dynamic Signature

I found there are many user in http://createmycity.xooit.com/, and this is a forum for MyMiniCity, but it can only use images for signature.

So I create three type of dynamic signature for myminicity.

1. Line Graphic:

The line graphic drawing everyday progress, population and construction, the blue line is population, the yellow line is construction.

The construction means total of 5 improvement, Commerce, Environment, Industry, Security and Traffic, cause if we use 5 lines to draw, I think there will be too noisy.

The usage is like http://mmc.urs.tw/images/days.php?mmc=yourcityurl

2. Recent Detail:

It's a table present this hour, last hour, today and yesterday population added, and improvement added, and last column is status now.

The graphic cached for 5 minutes, and expire 5 minutes, so it may be 10 minutes ago data.

The usage is like http://mmc.urs.tw/images/table.php?mmc=yourcityurl

3. Week Progress Table:

It show only population and rank for recent 7 days and now. The title show the status of Unemployment, Transportation, Criminality and Pollution, if the number is 0 or 100, the color of number is blue, otherwise is red, and the Trans use "-0" for 100.

The usage is like http://mmc.urs.tw/images/week.php?mmc=yourcityurl

I hope these images can be useful for you, I will make some images for vertical in sidebar, not only in signature.

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