Yours MyMiniCity -- Introduction

I think there are many articles talking about MyMiniCity, even there is a forum in http://createmycity.xooit.com/, and there is a FAQ.

"Yours MyMiniCity" is a system assist you to play myminicity, especially in progress history, and provide the widget you can put in your Blog, but most important of all, there is a check list to make sure you can click all the cities of your friends.

1. MyList -- You can make your own list to know the city status of your friends..

2. Detail of your city -- you can check recently status and long-term history of your city, and provide you detail to make your city grow.. Like Below:

BlogLook XML RSS RankingNow: 7Today: 8Yesterday: 9
ItemsThis HourLast HourTodayYesterdayTotal
Unemployment Now0117 (6201)
Transport Now100551 (6635)
Criminality Now0116 (6200)
Pollution Now0N/A

3. Google Tool Bar Gadget -- You don't need to go to this site to check your status by using google toolbar plug-in.

4. Status and History Widget -- You can put the widget in your blog, to keep track of your blog, Like Below:

5. Click Remind Widget -- You can put the widget in your blog to remind you and recommend your friends to click the city listed. Like Below:

6. Automatic Anchor -- Providing the static link to make every click available, the click will automatic make decision which construction your city need.
Like http://mmc.urs.tw/c/genehong

I am not the one to write good introduction and how-to, so make your try and have fun.


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  2. your work is great, but i think is a good idea if it's possible to sort the city names in the table, or/and add a button to permit in a single click to hits all the cities in the list. Thanks for all and have a good day!

    liftman (florezia.myminicity.com)

  3. interesting,

    i will think about sorting

    you can hit all cities in the list if you click on open url's button. that's the point of this automation, to replace your many clicks with just one.

    Good luck

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