The Name of this Blog

I think that some peoples know this is origin from a film called "Tucker: The Man and His Dream", directed by Francis Ford Coppola and leading actor is Jeff Bridge. But I know I am not like Preston Thomas Tucker, I am just an ordinary people.

But my nickname is "Black Eating Dreams Tapir", because of that in ancient Chinese fairy tale, the tapir is an animal which eating dream for living. Maybe it is only existing in dreams, like most of my proposal, only happened in my dreams.

I am the one who can make over 20 dreams in a week, that is to say there is over 3 dreams in one night while I am sleeping, and I would admit that I may be living in dreams, and the dreams is living in my life all the time.

In spite of that, dreams should not only existing in sleeping, maybe there should be one day can carry out, and this blog is what it that for, and I do believe that and hope for.

I registered this blogspot in February 2003, and I open up 7 blogs so far, this is the 8th blog here, but only other 2 blogs is still ongoing (or not written by robots), and only one is my real personal blog, that is "Gene-Oral-Speaking", it was written in Chinese. But that blog is not my main personal blog, another one is called "Not only Subway Diary", even this is not my first blog.

Which one is my first blog doesn't matter now, cause I hope this blog can be my first "existence" blog in English, and I can use this blog to "Make Man", "Make Dream".

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