Yours MyMiniCity -- How to read City detail (I)

I know I am a numeric maniac, I keep track many statics fro MyMiniCity, Let see the detail of a city.

First of all, you can see the red words:
Add This City To My ListThe red icon provide you set this city to your list, so that you can see the list of your watch in MyList, so if you want to keep track of this city, just press it!

and following line is
This city is in Taiwan, the data is 8 minuite(s) ago
It is easy to see which country/region the city locate. The system fetch the latest data for interval, the interval according to the size of your city and latest increasing of the city, it might be in 5 to 50 mins.

Next is a huge table:
BlogLook XML RSS RankingNow: 2Today: 2Yesterday: 3
ItemsThis HourLast HourTodayYesterdayTotal
Unemployment Now0848 (49359)
Transport Now100164 (48675)
Criminality Now02037 (50548)
Pollution Now0600
I think most of data is easy to understand, but I must explain four numbers I mark as red and green. The red number mean if you don't increase your improvement, how many people you can capacity or how many people you can increase. In this example, the city can increase more 848 peoples to keep unemployment zero, and transport can support upto 48675 peoples. The green number is how many industries you can improve, but this is just an approximate number, cause it will depend on your population and commerce later.

The next line is:
Set My Primary
It will be use for exchange link, cause the city will count your hits for your primary city, so if you hits other city more, your primary city will get the higher rank of the exchange link.

See Neighbor City
The data from neighbor city depend from all the user watch list, this is a relational analysis algorithm, but if your friend use the system more, the data will be more correct.

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