Are you jaming into Global Game Jam 2014 now?

There are 4 sites in Taiwan for Global Game Jam 2014, including Microsoft sponsored site.

This site are about 40 jammers divided into 7 teams, most of jammers  are under 30, I might be the oldest one, sigh~~~

But it's fun to participate this event even I have no ability to create game, all I can do is watching the group finished the game, interpreted the languages, and take photos.

It's 40 mins left before upload, we (not including me) develop a flash game, cause most of crew member familiar to this framework, the game call "Rainbow Braver". The game play snap shot is above:
We create a facebook secret group to co-work, we post near one hundred articles in 48 hours by 5 jammers, all of them is series discuss like this photo, this is a prototyping test using stickers.

In fact, we discuss about more than 10 game plays, although this game play is little far away game concept topic, but it is most easy to developed.

The game description in game jam is http://globalgamejam.org/2014/games/%E5%BD%A9%E8%99%B9%E5%8B%87%E8%80%85-rainbow-braver , you can take a look.

The Game strategy and concept is above:

1. There are 6 different color light of projectors, when you press the button, the cube of this color wiill vanished.
2. When you press the button, you have a limited time to move all the cube.
3. All you have to do is make three cubes with the same color in a line when time up, the cubes will vanished and scoring.
4. The empty slot will filled next turn.
5. Each of 6 different color projectors can be using once, so you have 6 turns to scoring. It's time to make challenge how many scores you can get.

The highest score is how you can using the color to filter what you want and strategy.

The game concept is using your mind to make thing what you want, that is "We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are". If we wearing colored glass, things like the same color will vanished in our sight, so that we have more chance to make things possible we want.

As time I post, the highest score is 4000, how about you?

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