Annual Analysis -- Working with Google Analytics API

It has been more than four years to blog here, that is to say, It has been nearly five years since last time I publish new system outside Taiwan. That's too bad, it can all blame on "Friend Connect" ruined me... sigh~~ But I know the I should blame on myself.

In these years, I use API more than ever, including Facebook API and Google API, but most of the systems are only available in Taiwan, in fact, these suit for other users, but I didn't make them multi-language, so I didn't publish here.

"Annual Analysis" is another kind of approach, cause this is a small but useful system, and it "must" be done in January. I don't think some other will use it after February. This is a system helping you review your blog history in 2013.

This system started developing on 7, Jan. It takes nearly 9 days to work out. In these 9 days, we held up two small "hackahop" for three developer in co-working space (in board game cafe actually), cause most of us have daylight regular job himself.

OK, that is preface, not important, let's begin with this system.

Annual Analysis is a tool of Google Analysis, cause we know it is hard to get "real information we want" with basic function of Google Analytics, so I have develop a system call "網智" ( http://web.mas.ter.tw/ ) to helping people using Google Analytics.

If you want to analysis a blog system what are most popular new articles in last year, at first, you must know what are "new articles", that beyond most of the people using Google Analytics, we must group up the articles before last year, the rest are last year, it sounds easy but not easy, that is what "Annual Analysis" can do for you easily.

"Annual Analysis" recording most popular articles each year, so it can easy identify which are new articles for latest year, and "searching keyword" can be done by these.

But most of people want to know how popular my blog articles it is in SNS, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Plurk and other, so when the system identify most reference from SNS, using API can fetching data and connecting with articles, but it only work with Facebook now, if you want to know more, let us know freely.

All you need to do is "Entering" this website, login and authorize, wait for less than 30 seconds, you can see the the analysis report, but if you have more than one property of Google Analytics, it will take half minute each property, so please wait in patient, or you can read the report that already generated.

I often forgot to tell the url in my articles, you can check it out in http://annual.analysis.tw/ , have fun, and I appreciate that telling me your needs and problems. Thank you.

Above is screen shot of this blog, but you can check the demo of my chinese blog here.

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