Custom Gadgets for Google Friend Connect

I think there must be lots of people find Google Friend Connect is very fun, I do~~~

Because my bad personality, I try to write some statics gadgets base on Google Friend Connect, especial for it's "Community Base", that is, you can statics by members, not for all.

This is my first time to write such gadget, so I learn from the Demo "Lame Game".

I wrote 3 gadgets tonight:

1. Time Elapse:

2. Recently Reader:

3. Hits Ladder:

All you need to do is go to your Google Friend Page, you can see "Social Gadget" in your each sites/blogs, there will be a "Custom Gadget", while you click in, you can see there is a textarea for "Gadget URL", if you want to know the Hits Ladder of your member, just input "http://login.tw/gfc/hits.xml".

you can see the illustration above, but I use "Time Elapse", so it is "time.xml"

I want to write some fun gadgets, and those are under development, but I think these 3 gadgets will work fine and you can have fun with them.

(You can see Illustrate on my blog: http://gene-hong.blogspot.com/, I put all of them in sidebar)


  1. 版主你好,目前 Google Friend Connect 的客製似乎會造成 IE 擋住網站,目前只能用Firefox 瀏覽這裡,我的測試經驗請參閱MOTUDO 網誌: OpenSocial 客製小工具 Custom Gadget

  2. to motudo:

    Thank you for mention me, I didn't use IE platform to test it, ...

    I think there are many trick to aviod the problems you submit in your post, but only this one is difficult...

    Maybe it cause by "bug" of IE or the "GFC stucture" itself.

  3. Hi gene,

    thanks for this 3 gadgets.
    It ll be very nice, if you publish an "how to" wich explain the method to construct such great gadget :)

  4. hey gene, a quick feedback with your gadgets, when i try to click on links on profile, i get a 404 error inside the gadget.

    may this helps

  5. the tree widget are very cool

    I think someone like them very much.

    by the way, welome to join us

  6. I'd like to see a gadget that allows friends within the Friend Connect community to chat with each other in real time and where a group of friends can meet together through Friend Connect in real time and chat.

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  10. Gene, Is there a way to save a common site data with Google friend connect (the data should be only connected to OWNER). And the gadget should handle the data, even if the viewer is not signed in to Friend Connect. Please advise. Thanks in advance..

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